Register for your free event ticket by answering a few quick questions about what you hope to grow in your backyard, balcony or community veggie patch this summer.


Get your hands dirty and grow it! Together with hundreds of other growers and gleaners across the country, you’ll be ‘crowd-farming’ the ingredients for Australia’s biggest homegrown feast.


Connect with fellow growers along the way and share progress, photos, advice, recipes and favourite local food spots. Plus, expect a few foodie activities, challenges and prizes from us.


At the event, and throughout the growing season, you’ll get to hear from leading voices in the sustainable food movement and learn tips and tricks to put to use in your own garden or kitchen.


Harvest your homegrown ingredients and put your culinary creativity to the test. Cook up something delicious with what you’ve grown to share with friends and family while attending the Great Local Lunch.

* Make sure to get to know your local producers for any extra ingredients you might need!


Join host Costa Georgiadis and the rest of your crowd-farming cohorts for the online celebration of the season. Raise a (reusable) glass to your achievements and relish the fruits of your labour.


Keep it up! The Great Local Lunch’s goal is to set you up to grow more food at home, explore new ways to eat more sustainably, and support your community in learning to do the same.


Produced by Sustainable Living Foundation

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