You’re invited to Australia’s first ever nationwide crowd-farmed feast!

The Great Local Lunch is a one-of-a-kind celebration of homegrown, local and sustainably sourced food, and the whole country is invited. 


This unique event is hosted by the ABC’s Costa Georgiadis and inspired by the concept of ‘crowd-farming’. This means the entire feast will be grown and harvested by the guests themselves...better known as all of you!


If you’ve shared your harvest at the Great Local Lunch before, you might notice that NSLF is shaking things up a bit in 2021 to be able to bring together growers, gleaners and local producers, from every state, at a much bigger virtual table.


After embarking on a shared edible gardening experience throughout the summer, all of the participating growers and their guests will be invited to dine together at Australia’s biggest crowd-farmed feast - an online sustainable food spectacular.


Throughout the digital banquet, Costa will ‘visit’ family kitchens and gardens around the country to showcase what delicious dishes people have created from their harvests. Guests will also get to watch live talks and demonstrations from other well-known sustainable food and gardening personalities, take part in interactive challenges, and win tasty prizes from local producers.


What will you bring to the table?

28 FEB 2021 | 1:00PM - 3:00PM | Online


Produced by Sustainable Living Foundation

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